D1A In Focus – Fall 2023

Welcome to your quarterly update from the Day 1 Alliance on the latest news and developments related to longtime private sector contractors serving the U.S. criminal justice and immigration systems. Please share with colleagues and others interested in these key issues – new subscribers can sign up here. Federal Judge Rules NJ Law Banning ICE Detention Contracts Unconstitutional On August 29, U.S. District Judge Robert Kirsch sided with the U.S. Department of Justice and CoreCivic in overturning part of the 2021 New Jersey law which sought to ban ICE detention as “unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause.” The judge approved an injunction…

D1A Sets the Record Straight on Contractors’ Role in Immigration System

WASHINGTON – Day 1 Alliance (D1A), the trade association representing private-sector criminal justice and immigration system contractors, authored a Letter to the Editor published today in The Bakersfield Californian pushing back on misconceptions contained in an op-ed published earlier in March: Letter to the editor: Understand contractors’ role in immigration system The March 5 op-ed “President Biden: Shut the American gulag, issue a presidential pardon, uphold universal asylum rights,” is not only a hyperbolic attempt to liken longtime U.S. policy under both Democratic and Republican administrations to horrific Soviet atrocities, but reveals a basic misunderstanding of contractors’ role in the U.S. immigration system. Because U.S. Immigration…

Honoring Our Dedicated and Diverse Correctional Employees

The first week of May marks National Correctional Officer and Employee Appreciation Week, a chance to stop and commend the thousands of dedicated men and women of D1A’s member companies. D1A members – CoreCivic, The GEO Group, MTC, and LaSalle Corrections – are committed to hiring not only the best employees, but a workforce that represents the diversity of the communities we serve around the country. For example: The majority of the 30,000 employee that make up our member companies are women, who made up an even higher percentage of new hires made last year. Further, more than half of…

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