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D1A On WA Bill Banning Private Sector Contractors

February 24, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Day 1 Alliance, the trade association representing private sector contractors working in the criminal justice and immigration systems, issued the following statement from National Spokesperson Alexandra Wilkes on legislation moving in the Washington legislature that would ban private sector contractors from providing critically important corrections and detention solutions in the state. The members of the Day 1 Alliance are CoreCivic, The GEO Group, Management & Training Corporation (MTC), and LaSalle Corrections.

The Northwest ICE Processing Center has operated in Tacoma for more than 20 years under Democratic and Republican Presidential Administrations, offering the same high-quality services to the federal government throughout. The facility operates today under the same strict performance standards that existed under President Obama’s administration. So, the question must be asked, why are Washington State politicians expressing faux outrage today? 

“Like fellow Day 1 Alliance members, the government contractor that operates the facility in Tacoma plays zero role in determining or enforcing immigration policy or who should be detained at the facility. This bill is nothing more than political theater, at the expense of the very individuals housed at the facility whose interests elected officials claim to have in mind. To be clear, this bill would likely force those individuals to be transferred outside of the state, isolating them from family, friends and legal services.

“The willful spread of misinformation about the facility by politically-motivated parties is a denigration of the hundreds of hardworking Washington State residents who are employed there and who have continued to make daily sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide humane and compassionate care.

“Furthermore, it is ironic that legislators are complaining about the quality of healthcare services at the facility which are provided directly by the federal government through the ICE Health Services Corps. The facility provides access to legal counsel, modern recreation amenities, and three nutritious daily meals catering to a range of dietary needs, free of charge, based on menus that are approved by a registered dietician.

“Clearly proponents of this ill-advised legislative effort won’t let the facts get in the way of their headline seeking antics. While we respect the legislative process, decisions should be grounded in reality, which this bill is most certainly not.”


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